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Toxic Blood
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Data: 09.03.2013
Gra / Drużyna: CoD2 1.3
Przeciwnik: THC / THC
Liga: [Link]
Mapy: St mere
Mapa Wynik
St mere 21 : 5
razem 21 : 5
nokauT team:
THC team:
HLTV serwer:
screenshots: brak screenshotów
przy 13:5 wyszli


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Paris wind hate Cheap Jordan 11 jogging idol is Nicole Richie?
Translation: Bobo editing: Nike Air Max Cheap Doris as simple as tone,Cheap Jordan 11, coat exaggerated slightly comic design and montage wind pa Nike Air Max Mens nts impressive,Nike Air Max Cheap, out of punk. Coupled with a good sense of hierarchy and trousers length asymmetry,Nike Air Max Mens, enhance the overall feeling,cheap jordan shoes, is unique, and attract eyeball. Simple shirt and jeans, like to wear. However,Nike Air Jordan Shoes, a slightly shorter sleeves coat and casual jeans outlines the skinny,Nike Air, popular feeling is produced. In addition,Cheap Nike Air Max 90, colorful shoes also added a lot of color set. Summer fashion items overalls. Only half of the practice of deliberately create a unique visual effect. In addition,Nike Free 5.0, brightly colored straw hat and slightly larger cortical bracelets and other small objects using more create wear overalls work feel. Jeans, cross on the small hanging earphone,jordan retro, details very attract sb.'s attention. Even if there is a point at the United States air,Nike Cortez, suddenly had the feeling of rock. Hair and overall feel is a. Disclaimer: This article by the China Garment Network



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